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Scuba diving Phuket Thailand

Cave diving is an entirely new world after coming from recreational diving.

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Different equipment and techniques are required and often the whole way you have been diving has to be adapted.

Exploring the underground world is an indescribable feeling; leaving a narrow part of a cave decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, which then opens up into a huge chamber will take your breath away.

A cave diving course is challenging and that’s the way it should be as it is intrinsically more dangerous – it is not possible to just ascend if something goes wrong.

If a difficulty occurs with regards to visibility, the equipment or any other problem, this has to be solved where you are in the cave and it might take hours to get back to the entrance.

The PADI Cavern Diver course is the ideal way to start your cave diving experience in Thailand. With so many caverns to explore before going on to full cave.

PADI Cavern diver course

TDI Intro to Cave course

TDI Full Cave

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