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Banana Bay

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Banana Bay

Situated on the eastern side of Racha Noi this is possibly one of the easiest dive sites in the area. Taking its name from the banana trees that line sections of the this bay it stretches almost a kilometre north to south. This bay provides postcard type views with a lushes green landscape, powdery white sands and turquoise water. It is idea for scuba divers and snorkelers and provides excellent photographic opportunities.

The bay has several mooring lines and scuba diving begins in the white sand based shallow water and gently slopes down to 25 metres and is the perfect beginners and training site and probably the best place on Racha Noi to learn to scuba dive.

Coral is made up of mostly hard corals and recently new patches of staghorn coral are starting to regenerate and hopefully in the near future it will flourish to its former glory again.

One of the highlights here are the large schools of barracuda often numbering close to 1000. Nice clear waters, direct sunlight and the reflective silver barracuda make a dive amongst these inquisitive fish a journey into different world.

The usual reef fish are here including plenty of lizard fish, fusiliers, butterfly fish, damsels and red tooth trigger fish.

Leopard sharks have been know to make an appearance but are very rare. Recently and unfortunately a black tip reef shark was located in a abandoned fishing net which gives hope that they will soon start to make reappearance. Cuttlefish, moray eels and the ever popular manta rays are no strangers to Banana Bay.

Depth: 5-30 m Difficulty: ✩ Marine life: ✩ Coral: ✩ Currents: ✩✩

Dive boats go to Racha Noi every day of the week as a part of a 3-dive combo with Racha Yai.