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TDI Intro to Cave
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Are you ready to pick up where you left off in the TDI or PADI Cavern Diver Course? Are you looking to expand upon the skills developed in your previous overhead environment training? Sign up for the TDI Intro to Cave Diver Course!

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This course is an introduction to the basic principles of cave diving utilizing a single primary guide line. Introductory cave diving is the second level in the development of proper techniques for cave diving, directly building upon the cavern diver course. This introduction to cave diving is not intended to train divers for all facets of cave diving. The objective of this course is the perfection of skills taught in the cavern diving program, in addition to the adoption of additional techniques and procedures required for elementary cave dives.

TDI Intro to Cave Diver Minimum Certification Requirements:

  • Satisfactorily complete the TDI Intro to Cave Diver course written examination with a passing score of 80%, followed by 100% remediation by the instructor
  • Perform all land drills and cave dive requirements efficiently
  • Demonstrate mature, sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution
  • Maintain an appropriate level of awareness and respect for the environment

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